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    I want to work for Apple
    how do i?

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    Just curious as to what you'd like to do for Apple? Do you want to be front line support? Genius Bar? Software Developer? Sales?

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    the only Apple store near me is in SoHo and I'm only 16 so looks like I won't be working there anytime soon. but I would love to..I'd go into sales cause I'd convince them lol..My friend might be getting hired but they haven't called him back so he doesn't know..

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    mum says id make a good car salesman, cause im witty.

    you TELL ME!


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    It takes more than wittiness to make a good salesman.
    You have a sales quota to meet and the company is depending on you (and others) to bring in the sales so it can make a profit. You need to know the product, how to order it or sell it, how to convince the customer to buy high-margin add-ons, and to do the paperwork to sell and to do regular reports.

    And that's before learning how to size someone up to determine how much of your time you can afford to give them.

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    In order to be a salesman at a Mac store, you must grow a goatee, wear buddy-holly style glasses, and wear hip trendy clothes. :cool:

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    actually the apple store near me offered me a part-time job because i was in there so much! hahaha. but as much as i'd love to the pay isn't that great. I guess it would be more beneficial to get a full time job at their Cali office but I hear its sooooo competitive to get in. It would be really cool though. I'd like to go into design or maybe system testing of some sorts...sales is just too high pressure and you just gotta know how to do it and have the attitude.

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    Ive had a few opportunities to work for apple. last semester, I was setting up between apple and the college I attend where Id be a salesman/rep and have a small section on campus and get demos to show and sell mac products, apple was all for it, but the idiots in charge of the school werent, it would have worked, the whole art department/building uses macs.

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    I'm not sure how much they were BS'ing me, but my mom...always pimping me, said I should work there. This is in stark contrast of what I really do now as my career. The kid said it wasn't all that hard or different from getting a job at any of the other retail stores inside the mall.

    I said all I want was their nice looking business cards. Mine are so corporate looking .

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