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    Some new info I found re: Mac Mini and Tiger's "core image"
    It actually came out a while back, but I hadn't seen it until yesterday.

    Basically the Mac Mini (and eMac) won't support ANY of the features of Core Image or the new GPU-rendered interface (Quartz Extreme 2D). I was kind of hoping that at least some of the features would work. There have been threads speculating about this before.

    The good news is that the CPU should be able to handle the load fine just as it does now, the main new thing is the ability to render the dashboard.

    However, on macs with faster video cards (PixelShader 2.0 compliant) the GUI will be entirely offloaded to the graphics card and the CPU won't be doing much at all.

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    To put it more technically core image decide wether the cpu or the gpu would be faster at processing certain threads and uses the fastest one, so it would still use the graphics card for basic stuff that would still run faster, just not the rest of it.

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    This is pretty amazing stuff.

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