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    File transfer via ethernet--beige G3 to Mac Mini

    I just moved back to Mac after 2 1/2 years of anguish and indignity at the hands of the Prince of Darkness.
    Now, I want to move a lot of stuff from my old G3 to my new Mac Mini. I was told that I could do this via ethernet. Problem is, I've never networked two computers before and don't know where to start. I've got the cable, but am ignorant of basics like do I need both monitors, step by step instructions, etc.

    All help much appreciated, particularly a step by step targeted at the slow.


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    What OS are you running on the G3? OS 8/9, or OS X?

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    Quote Originally Posted by technologist
    What OS are you running on the G3? OS 8/9, or OS X?
    OS 8.1

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