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    Snow Leopard Upgrade
    I have a copy of the WWDC 09 Snow Leopard, i am running mac OSX 10.5.7 on a Black Macbook (mid 2008 purchase), i want to upgrade to snow leopard but im worried that it will delete all my files
    creating a backup and restoring from that is not an option
    thanks in advance

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    Quote Originally Posted by jdelah View Post
    creating a backup and restoring from that is not an option
    I wouldn't recommend installing it then. Operating systems in beta form are still in development. Installing one on a production system, with valuable data, without a backup, is like strolling through a mine field.

    It's only a few more months until the full release is out - and even then I would recommend doing a backup before installing.
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    thanks, i was planning on creating a backup but my external hard drive is broken, and i tryed to partition the hard drive but it doesnt work for some reason

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    I would recommend you to buy a external hard-drive as they can be had for cheap these days
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    Is a time machine backup sufficient?

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    Time Machine should be sufficient. I had to reinstall Leopard on a totally new hard drive and all my files and settings were restored from my last backup.

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