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Thread: os x updates?

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    os x updates?
    Hey everyone i was just curious if they continue to update they're Operating system (like os x 10.3.7 to 10.3.8) after tiger comes out... any suggestions?


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    Oh yes... sorry about that horrible word choice in the previous post... I was in an in depth conversation while writing

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    I heard that the upcoming 10.3.9 is to be the last major upgrade to 10.3.x, but I'm sure they'll still be doing minor updates to fix security holes and bugs and whatnot for a while.

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    When security flaws were found in OS X a few months back, they still gave the people stuck on 10.2 a security update. I'd imagine they'll still give Panther critical updates for free in much the same manner when Tiger is released.

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    Thank you

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