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    Question MSPaint equivalent for Mac?
    I'm a recent switcher (iBook G4 12.1) in need of a bare-bones image editor (hopefully freeware) with features equal to Microsoft's tried and true Paint program. Can anyone point me in the right direction?

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    Better than Paint, more like Photoshop. Absolutely free.

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    If your iBook came with appleworks, there's a drawing program included in that suite. :black:

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    Quote Originally Posted by meltbanana314

    Better than Paint, more like Photoshop. Absolutely free.
    i went to check out MacGimp but it's no longer free.

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    ****! ( + X11 ( will work, but not as well as MacGIMP.

    This is one of the reasons I hate the GNU GPL. I think that closed-source binaries of software should be free and the source code (which can be modified, but not redistributed) should cost money.

    In the case of MacGIMP, I think they have the source available (which you can build from, but that costs time and processing power) but the binaries cost money. It's backwards.

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    What about something called Graphic Converter? How does it compare, and is it freeware?

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    what really erks me about macGIMP is that they are acctually charging for open source software , it makes no sense at all really ..

    if you want a ms style paint prog , tuxpaint for the mac is similar . even though it has a kiddie theme to it .

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    I was having problems looking for something like MSpaint. I was about to look for something freeware to download, when I then read through a similar forum, and it appears "graphic converter" can be used as much to create images as it can to convert them. Its shareware (I recommend paying though!) but was bundled with Mac OS X on my PowerBook. It's got an exhaustive amount of functions and settings as well as some powerful features.
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    I don't really like GIMP because it takes too long to load (anything which takes more than like 3-4 seconds to load, just to quickly edit an image is too long for me, lol). I just want something simple and fast like Paint too so that I can resize and copy/paste images, not something more advanced like Paintshop Pro. But since there's nothing else, there's no option but for me to use it

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    Have you looked at Photoshop Elements? It's not free but its a nice snappy app that will do what you want.
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    I don't know if i'm right, but i think they still have a free GIMP on

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