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    Save attachment to particular sub folder
    Just found this forum. Trying to switch but I don't know if I'm going to be able to pull it off. Still waiting for the lightbulb to pop on.

    So my latest issue is this: I'm trying out Mail. I got my emails converted and moved over. But here's my question: How can you save an attachment to a subfolder? When I click Save as... I am given the option to save the file to my Documents folder, Desktop, etc. But I have lots of subfolders inside Documents and I want to save attachments into them directly. I don't want to save them all to some pre-designated folder, then have to go into that folder and move them all to where I really want them to be.

    Since this form is called the "Switcher Hangout" I should be able to say "well in Windows..." without someone yelling at me. In Windows I right-click the attachment, click Save as..., then browse to whatever folder I want to put it in. Makes sense to me.

    I know Mac OS isn't Windows and isn't supposed to be. I assume there's a good reasond that Mail handles attachments the way it does -- I just need to adjust my thinking and I'll realize it's better. Fair enough. I'll try. But if someone has an explanation for the logic or "intuitiveness" behind it, please enlighten me.

    Or, if there's a way to save attachments directly to subfolders then please let me know and I'll shut up.

    Thanks in advance. I don't mean to sound cynical. I'm really trying here.

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    When you get the prompt you can save where you like, just browse through and pick the folder you want. If you open mail preferences you can specify any folder you like to download to as well, so that you don't get the prompt each time.
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    Click the little triangle to expand your options on where to save.
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    Thanks for the quick responses. I didn't go for the little triangle thing -- I was just looking under "Places" and figured that was where you're supposed to choose where to save it to. But I gues "Places" mean more than just some places, it's actually a way of referring to certain places that are used alot. And i can see the value in that.

    Well I can check that obstacle off the list. Thanks!

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