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Thread: PaintBrush 2.0 Question

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    PaintBrush 2.0 Question
    Hi, I'm a windows user and just switched to Mac, God do I love Mac now I feel like i was put in a prison by windows with no windows.

    Anyways, my issue is when I open a picture to paintbrush, and i take out the sides and bottom if i dont like it, how do i resize the image so that no white appears in the picture when i save it..

    I remember with microsoft paint you would just drag the bottom right corner, but you can't do that with paintbrush.


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    Paintbrush? Isn't that a windows app? I'm confused!
    Chris K.

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    If you're taking out sides, then why don't you just crop the image instead of having to deal with white space? You can use the build in Preview to crop images.

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    what build in prview ? how do i do it?

    what i mean is i take a screenshot of my desktop and when i paste it i want to remove the bottom and sides, but doing it on paintbrush it leaves a bunch of white space that you can't resize

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    If you're wanting to crop a screenshot, it would probably be easier to do just take a screenshot of the area of the screen that you want in the first place. If you simply hit ⇧⌘4 (that's shift-command-4), you get little crosshairs that allow you to pick the region of the screen that you want. If you want to take it of just one window, press that combination first, hit space bar once, then click on the window that you want.

    Also, Preview is the built-in photo viewer; it should be in your Applications folder. To crop an image in it, just select the region that you want to crop with the select tool (Tools→Select Tool or ⌘3) and then use Tools→Crop (or ⌘K) .

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