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    Mac story: trying to convert my brother
    Hey guy's i have had macs on and off over the years, the off time was when i got married to a p.c. woman but i converted her to mac about 2 years ago...anyway, i was at my brothers house one day helping him move to his new house when we were chatting about getting new computers i told him all about macs and even showed him the imac g5 i was buying online.
    He was amazed especially when he heard how rarely, if ever macs get viruses, that, together with the compact look of the new imac and my assurance of a nicer, smoother operating system, well he was sold.
    However he was forced to stay with my dad and our wicked stepmother until his house was ready, and i specifically told him not to mention to our stepmother about getting the mac , because she is 100% pro p.c. and hates macs, meanwhile she has never used a mac or even seen the os x operating system, her 2 major comments is that 90% of the world uses p.c.'s and software is hard to find for mac's and thats all she says and thats all she thinks she knows... however we all know better.
    So guess what my brother does, yup , he started talking to her about computers one day, when i wasn't there of course, and he mentioned the mac, and right away she starts in, why do you want that? the whole world runs on p.c.'s, you'll never find software for it, and so on and so on.
    So now the following weekend i went to my dads house and i was sitting in the living room and my stepmother is sitting in sight at the dining room table with her dell laptop and all of a sudden she says to me,
    so mike i heard you got a new computer...and i gotta admit i was stunned i was actually wondering for a brief second how she knew, until i glanced over at my brother as he ran downstairs to attend to his laundry.
    Now, i was very reluctant to tell her i got my imac g5, because i didn't want to get into a whole big debate with her all over again, as in years passed, but i said to myself , ya' know what, i absolutely love my new imac and i am gonna brag a little, so i told her i got an imac g5 and she said what? isn't that an apple computer? and i said yup it is, and she said " oh mike i thought you were smarter than that.
    I just replied, " yeah i am smarter thats why i didn't get a p.c.", and amazingly enough she just shook her head in disbelief and dropped the subject. Meanwhile , once i finished with her i ran downstairs and confronted my brother and asked him why he mentioned it to her and he said that she asked him what he was doing for a computer since he was selling his old p.c. that he put in storage, and thats when he said to her that he was thinking of getting a mac because i was getting one, but he told me he wanted to hear both sides before deciding, but like i said she didn't know enough about macs to convince him, she just knew she liked windows, so luckily he is still on the conversion list.
    I appreciate those of you who read this long winded story, i just needed to vent because p.c. lovers frustrate me so much, they won't waste a second when it comes to bashing a mac, but mean while 9 out of 10 never used's really sad...thanks again for listening.

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    That's was a nice read, thank you! As for your stepmother saying that there is no software for the mac, you should sit with her and show her . Tell her to start typing in keywords in the search engine of the versiontracker website. So then, no matter what keywords she types in the search engine, there will most likely be software for no matter what keywords she types in. She'll no longer have an argument about there being no software.

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    He sounds old enough to make his own decisions, wicked stepmothers should be seen and not heard...

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