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    Smile New Mac Mini
    hey guys, i stumbled upon your website while searching mac stuff on google. Just ordered a mac mini 1.25 Ghz with 512 ram and airport extreme card. Really excited for it, its replacing my dated amd athlon 550Mhz compaq. Never figured i would switch, but after purchasing my ipod and dealing with all the spyware on my pc, i was more than ready to make the move. I've got an xbox for gaming so i figured my the mini was the best move for light daily computing.

    anyway i figured i get myself hooked into the pipeline for everything about mac.

    by the way, any suggestions for a decent lcd monitor? (about 250 left to spend on monitor)


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    go to They have tons of monitors and user reviews on each monitor. take a look around. You can get a great 17" flat panel lcd for about $250.00

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    Looks to be a good one, $250 after rebates...

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    thanks for the help.....much appreciated......called apple today, my mini is supposed to ship on the 10th, we'll see how true they are to that

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    o0h man with a little more money you could have scored a Dell 20 inch widescreen like i did for coupons and research rock!!! with free ended on the 24th of last month i have a nice new large monitor but my MINI is still being processed and I am waiting for them to arrive....oh well huh? (i bought a new wireless keyboard and mouse, airport with airtunes router,monitor, office 2004 for MAC-19.95 on a military deal they had for us by M$, with a 1gb stick laying around here too, just waiting for the big apple to send me my MAC.-----sucks kinda, but i bet its worth the wait.)

    Stay cool man and good luck on the monitor shopping. its a hard decision to make.


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    Personally, I think 17" is just right for a computer screen. 20" is a little big for me, especially for more than twice as much money. And then the 23" and 30" are absolutely obnoxious.
    'cause when it rains, you know it pours.

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    17" is probably the best size, not too big, not too small. i have to agree that a 20" is a little too large for my uses. i dont want a huge over bearing monitor on my desk, plus paying $400+ on a monitor seems like a waste to me, but thats just me

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    FYI, make sure you get an LCD w/ DVI input. i've heard the DVI->VGA adapter that comes w/ the mac mini gives you washed out display w/ SOME CRTs.

    BTW, i am using it w/ a sony E540 21" CRT and the colors do look a bit washed out compared to my PC. (i have a KVM that switches between the mac mini + PC).

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    Going to the mac
    I have decided that i'm going to switch to mac but i don't know hat system is best. I leaing twords the mac mini because i heard that it's a good starting point. I"m not going to do super hi deff video editing but a wnat a solid machine. I have working on macs and i like the inface it's much more simple that windows. Also if i would to get the mac mini at the end of the summer will tiger be on that machine. THANKS

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