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Thread: Can't Access PC From iBook

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    Can't Access PC From iBook
    i have my home network set up and my pc's can share. everything works but i can't access my pc from my iBook. the iBook sees them but when i try to access one of my pc's it says the original item cannot be found. any help on this?

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    There are several things that I can think of that might be the problem.

    1 - Do you have a firewall running on your PC?
    2 - If you are running XP you may need to enter your XP username/password.
    3 - Do you have any shared folders or drives on the PC?
    4 - How are you trying to connect? Are you trying to connect through Finder? If so are you typing smb://+PC's ip address?

    I hope this helps.

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    In Finder select Go>Connect To Server.

    Type SMB://[PC IP address]

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