I have an iMac that is a little over a year old. I took delivery the day the new iMacs came out in April 2008, so it is a first generation aluminum iMac, 24 inch.

I just bought a MacBook, and am considering getting a 24 inch display, but I want to be able to use it with not only the MacBook, but also with the iMac if possible.

I am wondering if anyone has hooked up one of these displays to an older iMac with an adapter.

I had a chat with someone from the online Apple store and they told me that if I have a new iMac I can use the display. I guess the newest ones have a mini dvi port. They told me that I could not use it with the older iMacs, but I should think that there ought to be some kind of adapter available.

Has anyone here hooked up the MacBook LCD to an older iMac with an adapter?

I might just end up getting the MacBook display and running the iMac and the MacBook simultaneously. I do that anyway without the extended display.

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds.