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Thread: My first Mac

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    My first Mac
    I first used a Mac when I was little, and that was only to play this kiddies game my Dad had on it.
    That was the first computer I remember having, and it didn't last long. Soon after, we always had PC after PC after PC (Yes, we like computers in this family)

    I recently got quite into the graphic design thing. And the art and media department at my college use Macs. So my Dad thought I should get one so I could get used to how they work so I don't look dim when I try for my first job in graphics.

    We bought an eMac from eBay. It's brand new, never been taken out of the box, and was 200 cheaper than if we had bought it direct from Apple.

    So after setting it up, and just playing around as much as I could with the software until some useable stuff arrived for me to play with, I tried my best to get used to it.
    Was better when photoshop and Office etc etc arrived. When I actually had something to do on it. lol

    I love my Mac now. And quite often find myself pressing Alt when I'm on the PC downstairs (I'm yet to network my Mac, so I have to do all my online stuff on the PC)

    It's great stuff. And so much prettier than PC's.
    You have no idea how amused I was by certain features.
    Yes yes, simple things...

    I've had it barely a week, and I couldn't let it go now.
    All I need it to pursuade Dad to network it for me... hehe.

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    Yes, Macs are good for Graphic Design and used alot by design companys. It was a really smart move of Apple to really start paying attention to the design side of their computers. I started off with a Macintosh LC which ran in OS7, I really liked the system but the computer was nothing special in looks and then the iMacs came out and I thought wow that looks really cool. I had to have one (Got a lime coloured imac 333mhz) and still really like the design to this date.

    I'm glad your enjoying your new mac and hope that this continues :headphone

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    congrats thats one of the reasons im getting a mac is to do graphic designs and web development aswell enjoy your mac.

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