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    12" ibook battery has a gap and isn't secure?
    Hey I need some help. We just bought a 12" ibook at compusmart today. The only thing is the battery isn't completely flush with the case, on the front theres about a 3mm gap space. Has anyone else had this? Would I return it to compusmart or call apple to get a new one? Thanks.

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    I believe that is normal for the iBooks to have a slightly protruding battery. There are a few other threads on it - do a search and read up on those if you want more information.

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    i would check and make sure that the battery is in correctly. that doesnt sound normal. i have seen threads in the iBook area about this though. check them out.

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    if you bought it from retail - e.g. compusmart - just bring it back to them and ask them to exchange..

    i'm sure they'll take it back in

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