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    detected property list data is damaged.

    I have a 5 years old ibook G4 running OSX Leopard. Recently I downloaded the latest software update (I think it is 5.5) and apparently the system worked fine. A few days later I transfered some photos into iphoto and afterward the screen froze. I tried restarting again but I got the grey screen with the īrestart your computer..īmessage.
    Since then I have used Disk Warrior 4.1.1 and it fixed a bunch of stuff and I was able to access my files for a few minutes until the screen froze again. Since then my computer has gone into a continous rebooting loop.

    I ran Disk Utility and it found the HD to be OK. Then I ran again Disk Warrior and gave me the following message: DETECTED PROPERTY LIST DATA IS DAMAGED AND CANNOT BE REPAIRED. File: property list data is damaged and canīt be repaired.

    Is there a way to fix the problem without having to reinstall the software again? Mind you I donīt have another Mac available to do a firewire connection.

    Thanks a bunch!!!!

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    If there are no other damaged files or hard disk errors, you should be able to delete or move the "iphotomosiac.plist" file to the Trash. Another will be created the next time you run the program.

    However, I suspect the plist file in question may not be the only problem. I can't believe one damaged or corrupt file would put the machine into a continuous rebooting loop. Hopefully you have been making backups.

    If you have your original install media, you may want to run the Apple Hardware Test on your machine in addition to using Disk Warrior.


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    I just finished running the extended test of the Apple Hardware Test and it came back OK.

    Also, I was able to run on single mode and I got " syncing discs... killing all processes" and then fills up the screen with other text that runs by very fast and then goes to the grey screen. what does that mean?

    I ran disk utility again at apparently the HD is in good condition. Disk Warrior states the same thing but mentions that the iphotomosaic.plist file is damaged and couldn´t be repaired.

    Also, I don´t know how to go about erasing the iphotomosaic.plist file.. Is it somewhere in the installation CD? Could someone enlight me on it?

    thanks a lot!!

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