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    DVD Guy
    Scrolling with an iMac
    There are actually 2 immediate concers for me when I receive my iMac. The first is the lack of a scroll wheel on the mouse. When scrolling through pages, what do you do?

    The second is the lack of a right click feature to cut, copy, paste, etc. How do you perform these functions and get used to the "new" way?

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    press control click for right click (believe it or not its really easy and you forget your doing it sometimes.

    use arrow keys or space bar (i use and i have a 4 button mouse)

    or just buy a kensington mouse or other 3rd party usb mice.

    also, there are really easy to use key commands to copy and paste with out a 2nd button on the mouse, I for example have the 2nd button and use the key commands as much as possible.

    command v to paste
    command c to copy
    command w to close
    command q to quit
    command p to print
    command tab to change apps
    command shift 3 or 4 to take a screen shot and then space bar to take of a specific app.

    those are just a few off the top of my head. not to mention all the ones i cant think of but i use all the time.

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    also, in safarit or firefox, page down srolls almost one full screen/page down, page up goes up in the same way, home takes you to the top of the page, end to the bottom. or buy a 2 button mouse with a scroll whewl.

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    The arrow keys are great for on line scrolling, up, down & sideways for those extra wide posts on some forums. Add the control key and and you can go back to the previous page or forward to the next with the sideways arrows. Control [ & ] are the usual keys used though.
    A held left click will bring up the context menu on anything placed on the dock, control click gets to be a habit though.
    Have fun with your Mac and if it gets to be too much of a problem grab a scroll mouse. :-)
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    Don't copy and paste. Drag and drop.

    Page Up/Page Down are another way to scroll. Or just get a scroll wheel mouse, as others have said.
    [EDIT: There's also the scroll bar...I know, it's not as easy as having a wheel, but it really doesn't take too much time to grab the bright blue thumb and scroll.)

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    DVD Guy
    I bought a two button mouse with scroll wheel. Can you right click with am iMac?

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    DVD Guy
    Thanks...this forum is great. Especially to us "switchers".

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    DVD Guy
    Sorry...but just to clarify. Will a 2 button mouse with scroll wheel allow me to right click on a Mac just like a PC will?

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    A USB 2 button mouse will work on a mac just fine, the right click will work and so will the wheel.

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    DVD Guy
    Thanks! As a soon to be switcher this is one of the things that have kept me away from Macs. Us PC users need to be more educated on the operation on Macs.

    Thanks for the help!!!

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    As always, I swear by "Sidetrack". It's a shareware program (reasonably priced at $15) that enables pc-like functionality in your ibook touchpad (pre-2005 ibooks currently).

    I love it. I can scroll, right click and have custom tapping areas. Easier than connecting a mouse all the time.

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