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    iRiver to iPod
    I am being slowly seduced by the new iPod. I have an iRiver right now and I love it. I take it with me everywhere. But, I also have come back in to the macintosh fold recently when I purchased my powerbook this fall. Now this new iPod is out and I find myself wanting one. Here are my questions:

    What is the update on battery issues? Are they replaceable now?

    What doe UP TO 18 hours of battery life really mean?

    Does it fit 1000 songs at the maximum sound quality?

    How about those signature white ear phones? Are they any good?

    I appreciate any opinions or suggstions. If this belongs in the iPod arena, my apologies.......
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    1) There is a battery replacement plan, for $100USD. The battery issue seems to have fallen by the wayside though.

    2) Depends on your settings, like screen contrast, especially backlight & EQ settings.

    3) What model and size are you talking about? Apple rates their song count by 128kbps AAC format.

    4) They're decent, but I like my Sony EX-71s much more ($40USD).

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