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    Guest for Mac purchase
    I recently ordered a 12" Powerbook from Apple, I cancelled the order yesterday because I went to Comp USA to see it, and it was just too small for me. So after looking around a bit I see amazon has the Powerbooks with a $150.00 rebate and even a $200.00 rebate on the 17" Powerbook Superdrive loaded but only 512 mb of ram. I assume this is only one chip as Apple states on their website, which would easily upgraded to 1 gig. The bottom line is that the 17" would cost $2494.00 after rebate and no tax.

    My question is this..... has anyone ever purchased from Amazon? Another nice thing I noticed is that they have a 30 day DOA return policy as opposed to Apples 14 day.

    One more question, has anyone had the trackpad issue, jumping, eratic movement etc.?
    I saw on another website that it may be better to wait a few weeks until this issue is resolved.

    Thank you once again for your help!


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    A couple people on the forums have order iBooks from Amazon, I remember them saying something about getting less warranty becuase the warranty started when Apple sold the systems to Amazon not when you actually bought it. I could be wrong, I would search the iBook section for the thread.

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    I bought a 12" powerbook from Amazon. No problems. I came very fast and with iLife 05. I got the 1.33 on close out, such a great deal.

    It's also my first Mac, I'm very pleased with it.

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    I was going to order my iBook from Amazon, but I wanted to get a larger hard drive installed, which they can't do.

    I've also heard that the Amazon units don't usually come with iLife. Something to ask Amazon about, since David (immediately above) did get it.

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    There is a thread on macnn's ibook forum about amazon not honoring some of the ibook rebate requests. I did not buy from amazon so I have no direct experience.

    As for the erratic trackpad, that usually happens while typing and the trackpad detects wrist movements. the program Sidetrak allows you to filter out trackpad movements while typing.

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    Please chek above link in my origianal post, I believe the problem is much more serious than wrist movement.

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    Oops sorry, didnt read the link.

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    just whatever you do, DON'T order anything from MACMALL.COM, they have to be the worst company ever. I got my ibook from them last week and it looked like it had been used and they also don't have any return policy and make it look like you can call up apple and they will return the product. so if you buy from macmall you better be 100% sure you want the item bc you can't return it. I'm trying to get my money back right now through my bank, but this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard of. so stay clear of MACMALL.

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    Just wondering if you had any trouble with the track pad. Did you try calling Apple? Maybe they could be of assistance. I have dealt with Amazon many times and they are awesome when it comes to customer service. I just am not sure if the Powerbook comes with ilife, I am awaiting a response.

    Good luck to you,


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