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Thread: Got my Powerbook today :)

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    Got my Powerbook today :)
    Well like the title says I got a powerbook today My first mac ever, and first experience on it also :p

    Got a question though, and im sure I will have more to come. How do I get rid of icons and programs that are on the dock, like safari mail and ichat i dont really see myself using at all

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    Just drag them off of the dock
    Don't forget to use the new User Reputation System

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    hehe thanks

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    you should give those programs a try! They are really great!!!

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    lol ok ok I will :p

    some other questions.....Playing World of Warcraft is there an ALT-TAB method so i can switch between programs quickly? Also anyone know of a way to take screen shots in this game it was Print Screen I think in windows...

    *edit* and how can i rename a file?

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    If you like good browser goood e-mail client and have an AIM account, you're gonna drag 'em right back. Congratz though! Best program switching = Expose, F9

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    take screen on you power book hit shift+command(apple)+3 itwill place the pic on your desktop as a PDF..

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    I've heard of another good browser for macs but I forget what its called, I think it began with a C....Camino maybe? Plus I heard Adium was pretty much the best for macs?

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    To Rename files you either Left click on the name and it will turn highlighted and then you can type in the new name or right click and click Get Info. You can change the name both ways. I think the Print Screen is the SHIFT, Apple Key 3. That takes a full screen shot and saves it to the desktop as a PDF. If you want a JPG open it in Preview and then export it and tell it the filetype. If you want to define the area you want to capture hit SHIFT-APPLE-4 and you can select the area you want captured. Shift-Apple-5 does another Capture for I never have used it and forget what it is.

    OS X.3 has a wide range of options for taking screenshots. I always manage to forget what they are, so I am listing them here for reference.

    Screen to file : Shift-APPLE-3

    Screen to clipboard : Ctrl-Shift-APPLE-3

    Crosshair screen selection to file : Shift-APPLE-4

    Crosshair screen selection to clipboard : Ctrl-Shift-APPLE-4

    Window to file : Spacebar after Shift-APPLE-4 []

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    ok im a little confused as to how to use Expose to switch between World of Warcraft and Adium....also another question, is there a good free program I can use to record and make a video of the game? kind of like fraps but for macs?

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    What can I use to clean my screen? This is my first lcd and dont want to ruin it :p

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