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    what are all these symbols, and what do they mean!?
    hey guys, i've had my iBook g4 for a couple months now, but i looked in the shortcut guide thing, and there's all these symbols in there for the various functions.. is there somewhere i can figure out what all these symbols mean? Not sure if i'm making sense, and if im not let me know... ill try to rephrase it :bone:

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    Shift Key:⇧ Fat white arrow pointing up.
    Control Key:⌃
    Enter Key:⌅ or ⌤
    Command or Apple Key:⌘ or 
    Option or Alt Key:⌥
    Forward delete key:⌦
    Backward delete key:⌫
    Escape Key:⎋
    Tab key:→ or
    Tilde: ~ pronounced (til-duh)
    Space Bar: ␣

    Need anymore, I know them all? You'll probably need to see these on your iBook, I'm not sure, if these characters show up on Windows.

    Edit: Use Safari to view the characters, some don't show up in Firefox or maybe others, not sure.

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    thank you very much, that helped tremendously.

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    Nice band... gotta love underoath!!!!
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    a little of topic but underOath is one of my favortie bands ever... except for changing of times that was the worst Cd ever... i will e seeing them march 27th ....

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