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    Windows XP, MacbookPro, trackpad and keyboard issues.
    yeah..yeah, I know, should not be running XP but that is how I earn my bread and butter(and jam).

    I am having issues with my trackpad and keyboard.

    I am left handed and thus my mighty mouse is on my lefthand, and the buttons are swapped. In XP, i select to swap the primary and secondary buttons for the mighty mouse. This seems to work fine. It is however not possible to swap the trackpad. So what happens is that i travel, leave the mighty mouse at the office together with the larger keyboard. When i bring the MBP out of sleep, i want to use the trackpad, but guess what.....I can only use it for "right clicking" i.e. secondary button clicking and are completely and truly stuffed. Was very embaressed when i wanted to show of my new MBP and could not even log into windows because the trackpad is only secondary clicking!

    On the keyboard front, my CAD programs use the function keys a lot, so in bootcamp control panel, i tick to use function keys as normal, thus needing to use the "Fn" key to get to the other function like volume and brighness, but this DOES NOT work. So if the music becomes to loud, i need to find the volume control program or such to turn it down.

    Has anyone else experienced this? Is there something really stupid i am doing (except for the fact that i am runing XP )?

    Any workarounds?


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    Several suggestions:

    1. Buy a small portable mouse and take it with you when you travel.

    2. Reset the functions keys to operate normally and learn to use the Fn key for your Cad programs.

    3. Try reinstalling the drivers for XP from your Leopard disk. Which XP are you using, SP2 or SP3? SP3 requires that you install Boot Camp 2.1.

    BTW, nothing wrong with using XP from Boot Camp. I prefer it over Vista and will continue to use it until Windows 7 is released.


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    update your trackpad firmware drivers...thats what solved my problem with the right click etc. itll prolly do the same for you..

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    chscag: valid work arrounds on all counts, but the idea of dragging another mouse along, when the MBP has such a lovely and large trackpad is a waste.

    As far as the keyboard Fn key are concerned, it is incredibly difficult to change a habit of many years, not to mention the finger contortion required to hld down the Fn key, together with the Ctrl and function key!! Also, when i do work on the workstations or customer machines, i need to re-learn again to not use the Fn key.

    Bootcamp: The bootcamp that came with my MBP is indeed version 2.1. I am running XP SP3.

    sleeyung: Been there, done that...thanks. The current version of my MultiTouch trackpad and mouse is now ver, dated 28/12/2008. Can you please confirm that yours is the same?


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