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    Tiger Thought
    Ok, one of the main reasons i chose to switch was the prospects of tiger, it looks totally awsome.

    Right, here we go - from a Windows background, i have experienced problems with upgrading an os to a new version. They always seem to run like a nail, unless i format and start again.

    Seeing as though most programs for the mac, are just one file, im thinking tiger should just run like its a brand new install? Has anyone who upgraded to panther experienced this or confirm i wont notice a difference other than improved functionality.

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    it is not the drag-and-drop install that we all love with panther....

    you just boot up with cd and you run through a few dialogs and then it installs and then it reboots like 2times dependning on what you instaslled

    very simple, very NOT like windows install

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    i think the application being one file is very smart like you said. instead of dll's and system files. it's safer, although now there are installers with programs..
    I also agree that tiger will be awsome, and hopefully will blow windows away!

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    So, is upgrading clunky or is it as smooth as a fresh format?

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    Quote Originally Posted by killer_bites
    So, is upgrading clunky or is it as smooth as a fresh format?
    I'd say it's as good as a fresh install cuz there are no dlls/parts of other programs in the system folder, like there are in Windows, so the rest of the system (all programs, etc), don't even notice a difference, between 10.x updates; sort of like an archive/install, which is as close to a fresh install as one can get

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