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    How to questions on simple upgrades
    Question 1: RAM

    I searched, and found nothing. On my dual USB iBook, where is the RAM located? Where can I upgrade it? What tools are required? Is it under the keyboard?

    Question 2: Optical Drive

    Again, I searched (I suck a vB searching) and didn't find anything. How do I replace the optical drive. Right now, I have a defective standered CDROM drive, and I want to replace it with a all-in-one combo drive. How hard would this be to do? Would I need to do anything in the OS or would it just be plug and play?

    Question 3: Keyboard

    Okay, this keyboard, it shows signs of wear and there is hair stuck under it (yuck) and it is just nasty. I saw a brand new iBook, with instead of a white-ish clear keyboard, it was just plain white, could I do this? I'd very much like to replace it with a keyboard like this, but if I have to replace it with another 'cloud' keyboard I will.

    Thanks for answering all my newbie question.


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    Cool, I know I can do it all, except the optical drive. That looks possible, but I don't want to take the chance. How much would CompUSA charge to replace it?


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