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Thread: Urgent Advice On Ipod Nano

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    Urgent Advice On Ipod Nano
    My ipod crapped out on me the other day so now I'm buying a ''filler'' ipod.
    I want to wait until the end of the year to buy a brand new ipod.

    I LOVE the 1st generation Nano.
    I found on ebay and it's 3 years olf. It's a FLASH DRIVE ONLY

    Is it worth buying? Or will it crap out on me?
    Should I just buy a 2nd generation?

    I just love the look of the first generation that's all.

    Will a three year old, good conditioned ipod last me about a year?

    PLEASE REPLY SOON WITH ADVICE.... The item wont be held for me for long.

    Thank you

    OH and if you know anywhere where else I can buy a 1st generation it would be great.

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    I have a first generation Nano (one gig version on the cheap, and black) that I bought when it first came out. It's still going fine after having been used as my workout iPod. Granted it's now my wake-up iPod since I have it docked to my iHome alarm clock which charges it all the time.

    Flash RAM is fine for an iPod of any size. It's the battery that is usually the limiting factor and even that can be replaced from kits with instructions on how to replace it out on the web. So yeah it'll last you a year probably.

    My wife has a second generation Nano which I kind of envy (both for the form factor and the capacity) but my 30gig fifth generation video kind of assuages that envy.

    Oh, and I have an iPod Mini which is still going other than the screen being all messed up. It still plays music and acts as a 4 gig hard drive.

    BTW this thread will probably be moved to a different forum.

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