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    Mac Books for Computer Newbies

    I am looking for suggestions of Mac books to give to a complete computer newbie. The more hand holding the better. My wife just bought a new 15" power book and we gave her iBook to my 75 year old Mom. My Mom has never used a computer before so she has no concept of how a GUI works. I will be handling any admin type tasks but I want to encourage independent problem solving when it comes to using the little beastie. We need a book that will walk her through basics like what is a window and where did it go when I clicked on something else.

    The iBook is running Panther so I'd prefer books that are Panther aware.

    So far I have found:
    Old Fart's Guide to the Macintosh by Sam Burrish
    The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Mac OS X by Kate Binder



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    I can't think of any books off the bat, but one solid suggestion I have would be for her to check her local library or Senior Center for a free computer class. This would give her an overview of how computers work in the first place.

    In my community, we've created a generation of monsters-- all over 65 years of age-- who know as much about computers as the kids we're raising. So here my generation sits, in the middle of it all. :-)

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