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    Is it legal to sell academic edition software if I sell it to a student?
    I have an almost new Power Mac MDD G4 with MS Office for Mac Academic edition. If I make sure that the buyer is a student (or other academic) by demanding that they email me from a university email address, then am I allowed to sell it second hand?

    Or is it against the law to sell academic software second hand?

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    I think as long as there is nothing printed on the disc or on the documentation saying that you are not allowed to do so. I have many software disks that I bought through my community college where I got them for way less than half price but they are only for me and that is clearly printed all over the disk. I think as long as it does not say I think you should be in the clear.

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    Best to read the EULA.

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    Here's a link to the EULA for MS Office 2008 Home and Student edition: Link

    The way I read it, you may transfer it to a third party provided you remove it from your machine, do not keep a copy anywhere, and transfer all disks, keys, and documentation to the third party. Again, the way I read the EULA, the third party does not necessarily have to be a student.

    But you need to read it for yourself and decide. Any questions, I suggest you call MS customer service and ask.


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    Thank you for the link.

    Yes, sale does seem to be possible.
    "TRANSFER TO A THIRD PARTY. The first user of the software may transfer it, and this agreement, directly to a third party. Before the transfer, that party must agree that this agreement applies to the transfer and use of the software. The first user must uninstall the software before transferring it separately from the device. The first user may not retain any copies."

    And ealier in the agreement it says
    "You must be a “Qualified Educational User” to use software marked as “Academic Edition”"

    So I can transfer to another user so long as I don't keep a copy (I'm a PC user so there is no danger) and the new user is a student.

    Thanks again.

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    Office 2008 is described as 'Home and Student Edition'.

    Office 2004 is described as the 'Academic Edition' and as the wording mentions students and teachers, guess the answer is no to the former and yes to the latter?

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    In the real world, you can sell it to whoever you like.

    Nobody will bat an eylid.

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