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Thread: Fully on the mac now but a few snags.

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    Fully on the mac now but a few snags.

    I have as of the other night decided to use the sawtooth full time however 2 things bug me a bit, first the HP photosmart 1000 printer i tends to print really slowly and seems to pause here and there, i've set the dpi to low then it just looks like crap and also doesn't seem to print in color from websites while still being sluggish, on windows there is a "Draft Mode" that really spits out the pages and still looks decent but i cannot find such a setting on the mac even with the hp drivers i downloaded has anyone else had this truble?

    The epson perfection 636u scanner i have is supported only though the image capture program however it lets me do a preview scan but the scan botton for the real scan is gray'd out..why is that?

    Thank you all for any help this is a great forum


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    I think the problem with both your scanner and printer are a lack of good drivers. Check out HP's and Epson's support websites and look for OS X drivers.

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    I have downloaded the HP drivers as i said in the post and epson does not have drivers for the scanner only the half baked drivers of osx partly support it.

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