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Thread: Mac and Back and Back Again

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    Mac and Back and Back Again
    A couple of years ago I finally made the switch. I enjoyed my laptop but it was time for a change and the Mac Book had my name on it. I enjoyed my Mac Book for the better part of the year, but alas I ended up back at PC.

    Three things sent me back to PC.

    1. Lack of biz support. Sure tons of software programs were available for Mac, but they still lacked some key things I needed. Plus, everything was always more expensive software wise. Not having good Blackberry Sync was also a killer. The stuff that was out there was killing me by messing up syncs on calendars and so much more.

    2. Cost factor. I sold my Macbook and got almost what paid for it (great resale value) and was able to get a great PC that worked great (still is for that matter) and ran everything I need. We can doubt it all we want, but you still get more bang for your buck with PCs.

    3. Problems Arising. When problems do arise, going to the Apple store sucks. The Geniuses are pains and the whole ordeal was not fun.

    Fast forward 18 months and I just purchased a Mac Mini for my home computer. Why? Because I love Macs thats why. I still think the PC is what is needed for business for the most part, and when something is "buggy" its usually because I am on this machine, but in the end, it did not matter. I had to have one. Heck for nothing more than IPhoto, the darn thing is worth it.

    Im glad to be back and glad that so much help is always just a search away in these forums. Thanks to everyone.

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    well, it seems like you have evaluated both platforms equally, and decided the PC is still great for business use but the mac gives you less hassle in daily use
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    That is pretty much it. PC's work great if properly taken care of and are a must have in my world of business.

    But I am so glad to be back with the world of Mac.

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