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    Apple Finance UK
    Hey I hope this is the right area to be in!

    Anyways, sometime in the next few months i am wanting to purchase a Powerbook, but due to my financial situation, It will have to be via Apple Finiance. I was just wanting to know if anyone else had been down this route and if there are any terms or conditions that would apply to me. (e.g. Age or income)

    Thanks for all your Help.

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    Haven't tried it but looking at the website its through MBNA with a crazy rate in the order of 14%. I'm sure you could get a better rate from a bank!

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    Hey cheers, for the idea but...

    i would give it ago, but cos of my age and it being quite a small amount of money banks are kinda reluctant (sorry for the spelling) to give me a loan or whatever. I know this cos i had the same trouble when buying a car.

    thanks anyway.

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    MNBA (Apple Finance) are *very* fussy.

    I've never had any problem getting credit, but tried to use MNBA when ordering off Apple's site and after asking everything under the sun (including how much board I pay my parents!) they decided that my finances were "fully committed already" and refused to give me the loan. So I went to PC World where, although you can't customise the machine, HFC practically bit my hand off for the loan without a second thought. And even forced me to have a credit card (which I don't use)

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    Cheers for the info, i might have to try pcworld then, im not really bothered about customizing the machine i just want a bog standard Powerbook as im going to buy extra ram later from a crucial or something. Did Pcworld get you to pay a redicoulous interest rate and can you still get applecare?

    Many thanks though its greatly appreciated.

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