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Thread: Alt Tabbing Alternative and Hardware Q (Mouse)

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    Alt Tabbing Alternative and Hardware Q (Mouse)

    I recently recieved my powerbook and I have been toying around with OSX for awhile now. Now I often have several MSN chatboxes open or several word documents open at once and I was wondering if there was anyway to tab between windows within a program? I realize that apple + tab will switch between programs and f10 will cascade all the windows of the program. I was just wondering if there was something similar to what alt tabbing in windows would do and by that I mean seperating ALL windows when I alt tab.

    Also.. I recently installed the driver for my Logitech MX700 and I was wondering if there was any way to set the thumb buttons to be 'back' and 'forward' in a web browster.

    Please let me know!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Apple + tilde(~) Changes between windows within a program.

    I have a Microsoft mouse, when I installed the drivers from Microsoft, it made the 3 and 4 buttons do Forward and Backwarod. I would check logitech for drivers.

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    Try using expose - F9 on the keyboard, then in system prefs, on the top you can tweak expose to how you like it.


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