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    Mac Mini on order: should I get the Superdrive?
    I'm considering a Superdrive for burning DVDs. Don't have a DV Camcorder yet, but I think I'd like to create family videos on DVD. The external DVD burners look pretty expensive.

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    I didn't get one on my PowerBook, because I don't have the need/want to make DVDs, and all my backups can be done more inexpensively with my iPod in the long run.

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    Go external
    You can find decent prices on external burners that smoke the internal drive offered for the Mini by Apple for $100.

    PLUS, you can get yourself a dual-layer drive. Even if that isn't fully supported now, it will be.

    here's a sweet deal that includes Toast 6 Titanium (the premiere burning software on the Mac):

    Or, you could grab one for less without the software:

    (that one gets you Toast 5.2 lite)

    so, I would personally go External firewire burner. Think of how much more versatile an external burner is anyway. You can take it anywhere you need to archive lots of stuff! You can use it with PC's too...

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