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    Additional Accounts
    I received my 2 G5 iMacs last night [1 for my daughter] and I remember reading somewhere that it is recommended that you create a new User for yourself and leave the original User as the Admin account.
    Then - in the future [if required] you can remove your account and start from the fresh Admin account.

    If this makes sense - what do others think - or do you all just use that initial account as your own?

    Thank you in anticipation.

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    I have my first (and only) account as my main working account, but instead of being admin I just use the "sudo" way and only become admin when I need to change something and then go back to normal user mode.

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    The basic theory is, if you're not usually logged in as an Admin user, you'll be less likely to do something stupid, since you have to enter your password before taking certain actions. Basically, it makes you stop and think. It's a solid bit of advice, but not essential.

    ("Something stupid" might be deleting vital software, changing important preferences, or installing some sort of evil program.)

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