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Thread: Should I Wait?

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    Question Should I Wait?

    About to buy a G5 DP2.5 but wondering should I hold off untill the end of March to see if Tiger is released and if any HW updates follow? I realise it unlikely we will see a new proc but might we see SATA2, PCI-Express, etc?

    I presume if I buy now and Tiger is launched March 30th I have to pay for the upgrade?

    Any input?

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    Yes you would have to pay for the upgrade, and yes I would wait.

    The powermac is fairly old and definitely needs an upgrade soon! I'm guessing WWDC '05 at the latest (i.e. June) or around April when tiger might be released.

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    Thanks Aptmunich. Anyone else have an opinion?

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    I would wait if you can.

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