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    Tom's Hardware likes Mac Mini
    Another hardcore x86 PC site has "switched" and given a glowing review to the mini:

    The engineers at our THG labs were especially suspicious of this miniature computer. However, that skepticism quickly dissolved after a few hours of practical use. Actually, many concluded that the world of Windows PCs has an enormous amount of catching up to do in the areas we mentioned above.
    Compared to the well-known SFF PCs, Apple's Mac mini stands out with its exceptional design. The choice of color, form and materials literally puts the mini into a class of its own. The high build quality and overall charm are also points in its favor, especially compared to other SFF PCs. Its very compact dimensions, its near-silent operation and the low power draw of roughly 20 W make its rivals from the Windows world look like amateurs.

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    That's awesome, chalk one more up for apple.

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    That is awesome, but I had no doubt that Apple would win with the mini.

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