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    Got my iBook today and very surprised..
    Well my 12" iBook came today. It's so awesome. But it came with 10.3.5, that seems kind of odd. And iLife 05 was not installed but did come with it.
    Do I need to uninstall the original or will it install right over it? Thanks

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    It's not unusual to get a slightly older version of OS X than what it released. It just means that you need to run Software Update to get up to speed.

    iLife will install right over iLife 04 I think.

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    Yeah i'm taking care of that as i type this. I can't believe how easy it is to learn.

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    Yes, ILife 05 will install right over 04. My Mini came with 04 installed with a 05 DVD. Worked like a champ.

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