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Thread: Mac Mini & Dull monitor output Q's

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    Exclamation Mac Mini & Dull monitor output Q's
    Hi there!
    I'm a PC user but I am 99% sure I'll be buying a Mac Mini as my first Mac ever. However I've heard about problems with some monitors. Apparently the VGA output can cause some monitors to be dark or fuzzy.

    I was wondering if there was a hardware list somewhere that shows compatible 3rd party hardware?
    In case someone here can help me, I am using an LG Flatron ez T910B.

    While we're on the topic, I was wondering how much control you have over your monitor in OSX. I usually have my monitor set at 1152 X 864 @ 100Hz. Will my Mac Mini allow me to do this?

    Apologies if my questions are, *ahem*, stupid, but I simply don't know these things!

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    if am using the mac mini w/ the DVI -> VGA converter to my Sony 21" and it looks good.

    yes, you can set the res + refresh rate on the mac, just like you can do on the PC.

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    I hooked a VGA monitor up to my mini, it looked just fine. Why do you run at 100hz?

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    I've run my Mini on a couple of old cheap 17" crts and it looks as good as the monitor ever looked with any computer. I'd not worry too much.

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    I run 100Hz because it's easier on the eyes. If I ran a lower res, I'd use 120Hz...

    Thanks for the replies, I looked at a Mac Mini again in a store today and easily found the resolution settings. OSX *should* detect that my monitor can do up to 120Hz, right?

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    There seems to either be a design flaw (most likely) or questionable QA, regarding the mini's VGA output. According to one test it doesn't meet the VESA spec.

    Have a look at this thread over at Apple - lots of people have had this problem.

    If you intend to use VGA (either CRT or TFT) it seems pot luck whether your monitor will work properly or not.

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    Thanks for the link - it also led me to:

    where I found my monitor listed!
    But still, we'll see. But I am definitely more confident now.

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    My monitor is listed too, does that mean it is compatible? It doesn't say either way.

    Also bearing in mind Apple don't officially recognise a problem with the mini's VGA output, their idea of compatible and my idea might not match..

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