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    Question Switcher's game collection portability
    Hi, all!

    I was looking at my peecee collection and I have mostly older games to begin with, but I know some can also be installed on the Mac without having to buy another version. Starcraft is a great example because it was sold as a dual-system install disc and you can download Mac OS X installer files from Blizzard's site to get it up and running. I'm stoked!

    Now, I am wondering what other of My games can do the same with a downloaded installer or patch. I think (but I haven't been able to confirm) that Quake 3 can do this with the Mac 1.32 patch download. I don't know if you just need to copy the pak files into the right folder (much like installing Q3A under linux) or if it is even simpler than that.

    The games I most suspect that this could be done with in my collection are:

    Quake 1, 2 and 3
    Unreal Tournament (the first one)
    No One Lives Forever
    Return to Castle Wolfenstein

    I have Neverwinter Nights and the 2 expansions, but sadly I am pretty sure you have to buy Mac versions for this one. What a shame...I'll be kissing that one goodbye (I'm likely to shove my old PC in the closet when the Mini arrives).

    Anyone out there done this / or can confirm it?

    Appreciate any help.


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    Do you have the original packaging for the games? Typically if you see system requirements listed for both a Mac and PC, then you should be good to go. I just recently switched, and I had to purchase new copies of my favorite games to use on the Mac.
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    Avid, not to jack the thread, but does CounterStrike work on a mac?

    Quake 1, 2 and 3 <- I believe run on a mac.

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    I am fairly confident you won't be playing any Steam-powered games on your Mac. So, that puts Counterstrike out.

    I do know that Quake 1,2 and 3 have been ported to the Mac - however what I'm looking to know is if I can take my PC cdrom and use the downloadable Mac patch (i.e. the Q3A point release 1.32) and install it and then copy my .pak file from the CD to my Q3A folder created by the installer on the hard drive. This would basically be how most games are installed under linux on x86 systems. I guess what I need is a forum for x86-linux switchers instead of Wintel switchers!!! That's not such a rare bird, though I'm told. From what I hear many former linux users are now Mac users. That is one of my primary interests in the Mac is the Unix underpinnings and ability to run great commercial software along with the best of open-source in a secure environment and not requiring Windows. (I know of at least 50 reasons I want to switch, believe me these are just a few).

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