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Thread: quick time problem - work this 1 out!!??

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    quick time problem - work this 1 out!!??
    Hey guyz,

    I just downloaded a UFC video clip about 22 mins long, but when I play it in quick time, it plays like the first 2 mins, then starts lagging, then about 5 secs later the clip finishes, only showing 2:06 of the clip. However I found out that when it starts lagging that if I rewind the clip as soon as it starts lagging, I get a different 2 min section of the clip, and then the same thing happens and it just keeps doing this. What the **** is going on, why can't I just watch the whole clip continuously??

    if you can decipher that confusing explanation I just blabbed out, I'd appreciate it if you could help out.



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    It's the encoding of the video. The codec being used is being recognised by quicktime, but it isn't the exact right one. What you nee to do it open the document, then in quicktime menu bar go to movie>get movie properties and find out what format the video is encoded in. Then go online and look for that codec and follow it's download instructions (obviously look for the OS X version of the codec). Once you do that all should be good.

    Alternative is to download either VLC player or Mplayer, both are free and play virtually anything really well.
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    cheerz dude, I'll give it a try.

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