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    Cool Time Machine backup of multiple drives?
    I have an iMac 24" 3.06 Ghz with 500Gb HD. I also own a Lacie 500Gb Big Disk Triple Extreme. I would like to empty this Lacie drive and use it to backup the iMac either via FW800 or by connecting it to my network via USB and a new Lacie 1Tb Ethernet Nas Drive.

    Can anyone tell me whether Time Machine has any compatibility issues with Ethernet Nas Drives? Someone told me that they didnt think Time Machine would work with an Ethernet Nas drive. Also can Time machine be used to backup the iMac to the 500Gb Lacie drive as well as backing up 1 1TB Ethernet Nas drive to another identical one? ie I am looking to buy 2 x 1TB Lacie Big Disk Ethernet NAS drives and want to back one up to the other via Time Machine. If this is not possible is there another way of keeping these two drives synced?

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    I hope that I am on target here. I got a little lost while reading your questions.

    I suggest that you use the 500GB FW800 for the backup becuase it would stream the files to that external ALOT quicker than the ethernet because the transfer rates are alot different, and FW800 is just a better bet. I don't really suggest using the 1TB as a network drive.
    What you could do is connect one drive FW400 and the other FW800, that way both would be connected and would do the job a lot quicker.
    Again, I hope I was on target there.
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