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    I support all types of software for my I'm in the webhosting line of work. My paycheck don't come from Microsoft, but more as a result of Microsoft. Not all their products are great, and I'm willing to admit if they come up with something that is a POS. All their software isn't that way, and if they do make one product that really is better than the rest, In general, their office software cannot be beat. Whether it is on the PC, or Mac, Microsoft does make the best line of office software. Don't get my's not perfect. Like you mentioned, Powerpoint is crap, and I think Access is equally as crappy. On the other hand, Word, Excel, and Outlook (Entourage) are the best products in their respective classes. You may disagree with me, but the majority of people will not.
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    I'd like to say that I, being extremely dissatisfied with MS products en generale, think that Office for Mac is very well done. I find Outlook to be crap, personally, for the record. Entourage I haven't tried since when I installed Word and such, I already had Thunderbird in place. I've since ditched Thunderbird for its large size, and I'm liking Mac Mail. It has excellent UI. So I can't really comment on Entourage. I'll probably try it just for the heck of it. As for PowerPoint, I don't think PowerPoint's crap, but it's not that great. PowerPoint is only the industry standard because Word is. As for AppleWorks and iWork, I think they're nice suites, but when you need industry compatibility, you just need to get Office. It's just worth it. All of that having been said, to finish answering some of the original questions that I can of this poor poster whose topic has been hijacked by Apple-Microsoft debate wars that really don't amount to anything because I know that falltime, AvidGeek, and Meltbanana can all agree that they like Apple or they wouldn't be here.

    I love my iBook to death. I love the way it operates, the way it looks, and everything. I don't personally see any need for me to get a Powerbook. I have enough RAM to where I can do anything I want except gaming (the video card is lacking, which brings me to the point of if you want to game at all, you should get the Powerbook with upgraded video RAM). On that memory note, stay away from cheap RAM for one thing. Macs are picky about it. Corsair and Crucial usually works without problems, and they are comparably usually a third of the price v. Apple/Samsung brand. They're cheapER, but not uber cheap. Apple does not make shiny screens. Sorry man. All those are as far as I know are covers that go on TOP of LCDs to protect them from getting scratched anyway. So all they'll do most likely is reduce the picture clarity in the long run. Thanks for your questions, and try not to get wrapped up in fights like we do so much.
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