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    Buying a 2nd hand powermac to upgrade?

    I was thinking about buying a second handd powermac on ebay.

    Im on a very limited budget.... after buying two laptops.

    I am just looking for something that I can do the upgrade work on myself.

    .... It doesnt have to be the newest! As long as it runs well..

    Any suggestions???

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    Well, if you're going to get a PowerMac G4 - I'd advise against it because the new Mac mini would be about the same price (or cheaper!), more powerful, and smaller - and it won't need much (any?) upgrades to be useable.

    If you're going to get a PowerMac G5 - good luck trying, because a lot of those are still as expensive as when they were new. Apple hardware doesn't lose as much value over time as PC hardware does.

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    There isn't a lot of room to upgrade and old powermacs sell for a lot. Like meltbanana314, I would suggest the mini.

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