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    Mac OS X not booting

    I came here to take some doubts, or at least i wil try to take them.

    I've recently bought an Alluminium Macbook (the recent model), about two and half months ago. It's the 13 inch, 2.0 GHz.

    Ok, anyway, it is my first mac. I've recently installed Windows XP because i needed some software only Windows for my College. But it was bad installed. The boot camp told me that i couldn't restore or delete the new partion (The one that has Windows on it). That i should made a backup copy and format it.

    Ahn! The Mac OS X wasn't my primary boot partion, so i had to configure it on the boot camp for windows, because (has i told before) the boot camp on Mac OS X (Leopard, by the way) wasn't working correctly.

    Today i went to Disc Utilitary (don't know if you say like this in english) and i erase the partion that have windows, and since the boot camp in MAC OS X isn't working... the boot disc couldn't use the leopard partion as my primary boot. at least that's what i think.

    When i press ALT it only appears the Windows partion... but since i erased... i can't go there.

    Is there any way i can make to restore the Mac OS X? I've tried using the leopard dvd, but it doesn't work. If there isn't anyway... i'm going to the send my Mac to apple :S

    P.S.: Sorry if i didn't explained myself quiet well.... It's not my natural language... and since i don't what exactly happen.... oh well, hope you can help me.

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    I'm not sure exactly what you've done, so try this:

    Boot your MacBook with your Leopard DVD disk 1. You should be able to boot it from the Leopard DVD by holding down the "C" key or Option key after you hear the startup chime.

    Once the machine boots, escape out of the installation program. Instead, select Disk Utility from the top menu. Erase the HDD. Format the HDD using HFS + and name the HDD "Macintosh HD" (without the quotes).

    Install OS X Leopard and all applications.


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    Late 2008 Macbook | 4GB RAM DDR3 | Intel Core 2Duo 2.0GHz
    Well, thanks a lot. But unfortunately i have already sent my Mac to the store, see if they can fix it. I use the option key, but it didn't work.

    Didn't know about C though.... Thanks a lot anyway, i aprecciate. :S

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