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    When do apple withdraw money from your account?
    Hello. I have been shipped my macmini and it is arriving tomorrow (Monday) :mac:
    But i am worried as apple have not yet withdrawn the money from my account, and i do not want to get overdrawn (I have a couple of big purchases coming up)
    Does anyone know when apple withdraw the money. Is it after the goods are delivered?
    Let me know

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    When I ordered my Mac Mini they actually charged my credit card the day it was delivered (shipped 2 days earlier).

    I would suggest making sure you don't spend the money designated for your Apple order. If you Apple order was $600 and you have $900 in your account, then I would spend more than $280 on anything else until you got more money put into your account. Simple budgeting.
    Looking for a PowerMac G4 for $500 or less USD.

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    If you know the money will sooner or later come out of your account, then don't spend it.

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    since this isnt a rumor, itll go nicely here

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