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    Talking Switching and can't wait!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Hello everybody. I wanted to say I am very much enjoying this forum as well as getting very excited to enter the world of Apple...again. I grew up in a Mac family made the switch to PC about 7 years ago and now with OS X, its time to switch back.

    I spend an hour every week at the local Apple store and countless time on Apple's website.

    My graduation present will be a PowerMac G5 with dual 2.5 processors and the 30" display...I know I'm spoiled, but I worked hard these last 4 years to deserve it (top 10% of graduating class in Finance and Entrepreneurship).

    Anyways, I cannot wait and just wanted to say hello. Ill be asking a lot of questions so get ready

    Mike C

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    Desolate One
    Welcome aboard!

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    Welcome back to our world and the Mac-Forums msc20,

    What a nice present that will be. When you do get it, you'll need to post a picture for us all to see the big honker of a display you are getting. When I last saw that 30" display at the Apple store, it was complete eye candy to me. It was weird having to actually turn my head to see the whole screen, while I was using it. And congrats at being at the top 10% of your graduating class.

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    congrats, and were ready for any questions.

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    congrats and welcome!!!

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    Welcome Aboard!

    Can't wait to see those pics!

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    Yeah, man. That's one big hunk of machine. And screen. Congrats on relearning Apple. I'm sure you'll pick it up pretty quickly if you can handle Finance.
    'cause when it rains, you know it pours.

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