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    Storage Devices
    I was browsing the apple homepage looking for a storage system for about 250MB worth of a few photoshop files and some word documents. Does anyone have any advice on which brand would be the easiest to use and most reliable. I know almost nothing about zip drives so I thought I'd ask for opinions before making a purchase.


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    zip drives are fairly reliable, but if your gonna make an investment, zip disks costing betwwen $15-$20 each, you may want to go with something more economical. like a flash drive, but big, or maybe an ipod shuffle, that1 gig is good. unless youre wanting just storage and not looking for portability or anything, an external hd may be better.

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    Yep, a flash drive would be the better investment. A flash drives don't cost that much, and they are a lot more portable than zip drives.

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