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    CPQ P4 1.7 GHZ
    1 - 40 GB hD
    1 - 80 GB HD
    768 MB Ram
    32 MB Nvidia

    Dell D800
    1.8 Ghz Pentium M
    60 GB HD
    8x DVD RW
    1 GB Ram

    12" PB G4 combo
    256 MB
    60 GB HD
    1.33 Ghz

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    Home built system:

    P4 1.8A running at 2.4GHz (for over 2 years!)
    1GB Corsair XMS3200
    160GB hitachi SATA drive
    Radeon 9700 Pro
    SB Audigy Platinum (games)
    Echo Mia (digital audio work)

    This one's gonna get upgraded soon.... nForce4, Athlon64 3000+ (to be overclocked) and video card TBD... that cpu will hold me over until I plop in a dual core chip later this year. Then it's gonna be a kickazz digital audio workstation. And gaming of course.

    And my trusty little mac mini will do everything else.

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    Oct 30, 2004
    San Antonio, Texas
    PowerMac G4 Cube 450mhz 832mb
    Ive actually stopped wasting my time on wintel machines, though I still charge $70
    an hour to repair them

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    see my .sig for my PC rig. i've also added some ext USB HDDs: 180GB and 200GB 3.5" and 100GB and 80GB for 2.5".

    it's too bad my ext 2.5" HDDs doesn't work w/ the mac mini because the USB port doesn't have enough juice to drive it.

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    modified Dell Dimension 8200
    1.7Ghz P4
    512mb RDRAM
    100gb WD Caviar 7200rpm
    250gb WD Caviar 7200rpm
    Stock CD burner
    Plextor PX-712A DVD burner
    ATI 9600 Pro 256mb

    I have a couple other ancient Wintel boxes that really aren't worth mentioning

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    SGI boxen
    Now, all they do is act as firewalls and X terms mostly. Back in the day, I used them at work for some geophysical applications.

    Bubba out...

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