Ok, so after I switched to mac in December of 2004 (best decision I ever made imo) my dad eventually took the switch too. At first, like many others he was indeed sceptical about the swap and losing some precious things such as games and work products. But then, I showed him the very hot Office for Mac which is very good looking on a mac if I may say so myself .Along with virtual pc and whatnot and he decided, out of the blue, that he would go out and buy a new computer.

Of course, I didn't know about his rather random decision. He decided that it'd be awesome to trick me into thinking that he was going to Hobby Craft to get my grandad's birthday present, me being the gullable person I am, believed him. So, he returned, placed the big box on the floor and said "Trust in me.". Alas, he got himself the iMac! He got the 20" G5 model which, is a very beautiful machine. It runs so smoothly, not so nice with the basic ram (256 should be a forbidden combination!). He ordered some more ram for it which should arrive shortly and then his machine will be complete.

Needless to say, this once sceptical wintel user is now, a fully fledged mactopian!

Here's a picture: http://bodytone.org.uk/qaxpla/imac2.png and http://bodytone.org.uk/qaxpla/imac.png

Naturally I am still whapping wists with all those expensive wires he insists on curling up. However, he isn't so keen on spending £90 or so on a wireless keyboard and mouse from apple... but I shall break him :mac:

Oh, and before I run away... my dad's new phrases "Ooh, I didn't know it could do that." and "Quick, come in here, look at what happenes when you press F9!". He is indeed another exposť lover!

Needless to say, my mum and younger sister are indeed mac fans and they will be getting an iBook or Powerbook in the near future! One very happy mac family, what more could you want?!