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Thread: Just switched, question about limewire

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    Just switched, question about limewire
    I have installed limewire, but when I click it to run it bounces on the dock and disappers after a couple seconds. Any ideas?

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    This isn't really going to help your problem, however, in some respects it's more useful! There are other apps out there which, in my opinion, are much better than limewire. In particular, Acquisition - I used that one instead of limewire and I am very happy with it as to date!!

    It appears though that the software itself is malfunctioning (if you like)...

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    i have limewire too, but i like it and i had something similar happen to me. did a question mark appear when you clicked it? if so, then remove the the icon. then navigate to the application icon in the applications folder, and then drag and drop the icon into the bar. that will place a shortcut to the application in the bar. if you drag and dropped the shortcut that was placed on your desktop to the bar, the question mark will appear because something has changed.

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    That Acquisition program has gorgeous UI. It almost makes me regret not illegally downloading things anymore.
    'cause when it rains, you know it pours.

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    delete it.. and reinstall it......that would fix it..

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    if you're still looking for [free] alternatives, try xfactor or poisoned.

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    my mac has been dead for a yr and i switched to pc (gasp) so i dont know if its available for mac but im sure it is....try bittorent its way better than p2p

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