I am running XP Pro on my MacBook; I love the MacBook but have an issue whereby I cannot connect to any USB device other than the i-sight camera.

If I select the USB devices I can then select the USB device that I want but it makes no difference whatsoever. For instance I am try ing to connect a USB modem for dial-up that works fine in OS X and in bootcamp but does nothing when I select the device in parallels. I have tried booting up with the device connected and every other combination. The USB modem is a multiTech 5634ZBA - USB; I did try the apple modem but that was even worse!

The Parallels version is 3 and I am loathed to buy version 4 as I assume I will get the same.

I really need this to work as this MacBook is excellent apart from this one flaw in my mind.

Thanks in advance