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    Cool Finally!
    Hello Everyone--

    I have been apart of this forum for awhile but did not feel like I fitted in becuase I did not have a Mac... Well! I GOT ONE! FINALLY! It was given to me... It is a G3 Clamshell iBook! Its currently running os 9.1. I am trying to load osx jag but am not having any luck... It also has microsoft office 98.

    This is my FIRST Mac... But not my LAST! I am planning on buying a PB for college. I will be attending college this fall. If anyone out there has any suggestions and or comments please post them! FINALLY HAPPENED!

    I am feel'in pretty cool!

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    double posting isnt allowed, and welcome to the forums. does your ibook have a cd rom drive or what sort of drive?

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    Sorry about the double post... I did not mean to do that... It has a CD-ROM, I USB port, ethernet, and a 56k. 192 mb ram...

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